Oregon Manifest

If you know about bikes, you probably know about Chris King Precision Components. We had the great chance to work with them on the Oregon Manifest, a competition to build the best all-around utility bike.
We contributed two custom panniers with wide expansion zippers for carrying groceries, a deployable rainfly, and cilogear’s Dee-clips for webbing straps.
It was a fun project, and the bike came in third place at the end of a 50-mile test ride.

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Duffle Test

We like to field-test our products thoroughly before adding them to our lineup, and our new duffle is no exception. Our friend Deirdre had a month-long trip to Europe scheduled, and we got her to test our small sailcloth duffle as travel luggage. We got some great feedback to implement for the next version, and some beautiful pictures of her trip to boot.

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Hood River

On Friday we took the day off to visit Hood River in the Columbia river gorge, home to Rochibaud Batten Systems. We took a factory tour to check out their manufacturing process, meet the staff and show them a few of our packs. We use RBS battens in our backpacks as light, flexible stiffeners, but their longer cousins are used all over the world from America’s Cup boats to cruisers and windsurfers. They showed off some of their newest products, like battens designed to work with roller furlers. We didn’t have time to take a tour of one of our favorite breweries, but we stopped by one of the best shapers on the west coast to order a brand new surfboard.

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New bags

We’ll be adding some new bags & accessories to the lineup in the next few weeks, including duffles and commuter bags. Our commuters have a fully padded section for keeping your laptop dry and secure, and lots of pockets for organization. The duffle bags open and close with an asymmetrical water-resistant zipper, and keep things straight inside with three drop pockets and a zippered pocket.
We’ve also got two sizes of water bowls made from recycled drysuit fabric for traveling or hiking with your dog. We’ll keep updating as they become available on our web store… but if you can’t wait that long, feel free to contact us at info@trucedesigns.com.

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Gourmet Century 2011

Team Truce had a lot of fun riding bikes and eating amazing food today. Organized and staffed by the wonderful folks at Chris King Precision Components, this was a great ride through the Willamette wine valley. At the end of the sunny 103km (66 mile) course, we were treated to a delicious meal… At King, they’re serious about their food. I was definitely the only person out there on a single speed (I need a second bike), and by the end my legs were happy to stop. It was a great ride, and we can’t wait for next year!

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New bars in town

This week saw the opening of two great new bars in town. Sweet Hereafter on SE 33rd & Belmont, and Dig a Pony on SE Grand & Morrison. There are a lot of good places in this city, but these two newcomers are way up there on drinks, food and atmosphere. I especially liked the manila line and blocks at Dig a Pony… and their beautiful horseshoe-shaped bar.

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Whidbey Island

We had an awesome week of sailing and partying at Whidbey Island Race Week… sold a few bags and gave a brand-new Kevlar sailcloth duffle to the overall winner. Back in Portland, straight to Yakima and Portland Design Works’ Circulus party to have some brews and check out the action. It just kept getting better over the weekend as we decompressed by the pool and went to the PDX pop now and Fleet Foxes shows to top off a great week.

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